Lasertag Morita Sniper Gun

Sniper Rifle (Morita Sniper)


The MORITA sniper rifle or light machine gun. Large magazine, fast fire rate and long range. But heavy and longest load times. Suitable for older/ stronger players.

Lasertag Morita SAW Gun

Squad Automatic Weapon (Morita SAW)


The Morita is in the Auto Rifle or Light Machine Gun class of weapon. Once fitted with a red dot scope and bipod becomes your Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).

Lasertag M4 / M203 Gun

SODMOD Carbine (M4 / M203)

Another large weapon the M4. Newest addition to the armoury, very similar in performance to the pulsar, looks and feels what it is.....mean.

Lasertag Pulse M41 Rifle

Pulse M41 Assault Rifle

The PULSE M41 long range Assault Rifle, large magazine and scatter mode. An adjustable stock, very effective.

Lasertag Commando Gun

Carbine (Commando)

The COMMANDO carbine. A medium weight unit with great balance of characteristics. Adjustable stock, 50 round magazine and good fire rate.

Lasertag Scorpion Sub Machine Gun

Sub Machine Gun, Bolter (Scorpion)

Another new addition. The SCORPION, rugged, very high fire rate and medium range. Just the thing for close quarter battle or indoor missions.

Lasertag Spitfire Machine Pistol

Machine Pistol (Spitfire)

The SPITFIRE lightweight, fast reload and agile. With red dot scope it makes a formidable weapon.

Lasertag Claymore Mine

Mine (Claymore)

This amazing Battlefield LIVE™ claymore mine is distinctive it is a three panel convex curve. Used by a gamer, it can add a lot of excitement to scenario missions.

Lasertag Respawn Gun

Respawn Gun

The Battlefield LIVE™ Respawn Gun.